Fredagen är fylld med EM klasser/Friday is filled with EC classes....

Idag EM Limited Non Pro, Intermediate Open, Youth 13 & Under, Youth 14-18 plus Non Pro & Open Lawson Trohys.
Inga Svenskar i Limited Non Pro eller i Intermediate Open eller youth 13 & under men däremot i Youth 14-18. Här har vi både Mia Bergman Karbeus och Sara Nordin, Moa startar som draw 1 och Sara som draw 11 och det är totalt 25 ungdomar i klassen.

Today the NRHA European Champinships will have a number of EC classes aswell as a Non Pro & Open Lawson Trophy reinings. 
England has 6 entries in the first class Limited Non Pro starting with John McKnight as draw 1, Micael Adams draw 8. Fiona Howard as 11, Luke Phillimore draw 13, Louise McKnight as draw 15 and Tabatha Allen Sternberg as the last one of the bunch draw 17 and a total of 22 in the class.
Intermediate Open class has 5 English entries and starting with Lee Rutter as draw 1, Dough Allen draw4, Lee Rutter draw 10, Dough Allen draw 17 and Lee rutter again as draw 19.


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