1;st Million Dollar Rider NSBA och läs om nya kvalificeringsregler till NSBA World Show 

NSBA is proud to announce that Professional Trainer Gil Galyean of Purcell, Oklahoma has become the first rider in association history to earn one million dollars in NSBA sanctioned competition. Read the full press release på www.nsba.com!

NOTICE: Important changes for 2016 NSBA World Show Qualifying are in effect!

For the 2016 NSBA World Show Qualifying Period--May 1, 2015 though April 30, 2016--exhibitors will need to participate in each World Show Qualifying Class a total of 5 times. Horses and exhibitors that do not meet this minimum requirement may enter and show at the 2016 NSBA World Championship Show upon payment of a $150Qualification Fee. 

The list of qualifying classes has been expanded to include all Green and Novice classes, as well as Ranch Riding. The full list of 2016 Qualifying Classes can be found at www.nsba.com


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