FEI strävar att blir en "ren sport", det innebär att ett utökat program för tester införs 2016.

The Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme (EADCMP) will run under a new administrative process from 2016.

Increased testing will be carried out at events on a worldwide scale. Testing will:
take place throughout all FEI disciplines in a harmonised way
be streamlined across all levels of events. There will no longer be an emphasis on testing at events of 3*level and above.   
The FEI has published comprehensive information outlining the new programme which can be downloaded here.

How will this impact FEI events?

The new programme will involve dedicated Testing Veterinarians, rather than Veterinary Delegates, carrying out routine sampling at FEI events. Events will be selected for testing and will be fully funded by the FEI Veterinary Department. Organising Committees and National Federations will no longer be responsible for organising EADCMP.

In the absence of a Testing Veterinarian, Veterinary Delegates will still be expected to test horses on suspicion or in the unfortunate event of a fatality.

The new process will not change testing in terms of when horses are tested at events, the sample collection procedure or sanctions for positive findings.
How does this impact Athletes?
The FEI recognises that many Officials work with athletes outside of competition. The FEI requests your assistance in making athletes aware of increased testing at events. 

Information concerning the Clean Sport Initiative and prohibited substances can be found on the Clean Sport website.
FEI Veterinary Department | prohibitedsubstancesdatabase@fei.org




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