Spring Break another Swshows succsess!

24 NRHA memberships, 3 NRHA competition license applications, 4 NRHA transfers. 1 AQHA transfer, 1 AQHA gelding statement, 5 AQHA memberships, 5 L1 applications, 25 SRHA membership applications, almost 690 runs, over 100 horses, 72 classes all in one weekend!
We call it Spring Break, you might call it incredible.

Thank you Adam Heaton, Susanne Zahner, Ralf Hesselschwerth, Suz Karlsen, Veronica Persson, Christel Fisher, Catharina Palmqvist, Yvonne Petterson Lundgren, Mariette Torvaldsson, Hugo Holmberg, Jannice Stenmark, Åsa Larsson, Zeta Lång, Anita Skäret Johansson, Pia Thomsson, Viktoria Andersson, Elin Salling, Barbro Olsson, Jörgen Carlström, Jörgen Larsson, Claes Linnér and last but not least SRHAs fabolous new president Birgitta Nolén for a absolutely incredible show.

You guys made it happen and with a smile. THANK YOU <3




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