European Reining Horse Association formad!

Hoppsan Kerstin.....
Nu kommer inte NRHA European Futurity att hållas i samband med Americana...läs nedan...dessutom skall det finnas en ny European Reining Horse Association...hmmm undrar hur detta skall fungera?
Press Release May 26, 2016

2016 NRHA European Derby will not be in Augsburg NRHA grants new European reining association Organization of European Futurity and European Derby The NRHA European Derby will not take place in Augsburg, Germany, in September 2016 as was previously agreed upon by NRHA, as a joint collaboration between the NRHA and the Ready-Steady-Show GmbH.

Due to a recent development in the Reining industry on European level, this cooperation cannot be put into action, although it was already communicated by NRHA, and the organization of the event by Ready-Steady Show GmbH and AFAG has already started. It was planned to be a three year partnership for the European Derby to further promote and develop the Reining sport in Europe by using Europe’s premier platform AMERICANA at Augsburg with its 50,000 visitors every two years. Part of this plan was to develop a new event in the years between AMERICANA combining the European Derby with a Cow Horse Show of the European Reined Cow Horse Futurity. This was supposed to begin in September this year.

The organization of this new event by AFAG and Ready-Steady-Show GmbH had already started, when a new European reining association was founded which will develop its own breeding program. As part of this development, the NRHA Board of Directors granted this new association the right to run the European Futurities and European Derbies starting with 2016. “We really regret this development,” said Heiko Konicke, CEO of AFAG. “With this, a great chance is missed to present the European Derby to a bigger audience and attract more and new people to the fascinating sport of reining.”

Showmanager Sandra Quade: „It is a pity the European Derby will not take place in Augsburg. Our team would have loved to prepare the perfect platform for this great event here in Augsburg. In his original press release, NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter was very enthusiastic about the new location as well as the cooperation with AMERICANA. We wish the best of success to the new organizers and look forward to further good cooperation with NRHA in the future, like with preparing 2017 AMERICANA. We are already working on this event.”




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