Nick Cornelissens avsäger sig alla uppdrag för NRHA!

NRHAs främsta man i Europa Nick Cornelissens avsäger sig alla uppdrag för NRHA med omedelbar verkan.
Nick kan NRHA inifrån och ut och har även en stor expertis inom FEI. Jag är säker på att detta kommer att innebära att Europa faller tillbaka många steg inom NRHA, nu har vi ingen som på högsta nivå kan föra vår (Europas) talan. 
Är nu nyfiken på varför han gör detta..läs:
Dear NRHA Board of Directors and European Affiliate Council,
Through this mail I want to inform you regarding a difficult decision I made after a long deliberation, and my thought process.
More than 20 years ago, I started getting involved in NRHA Reining. First as a rider, but almost at the same time getting involved in the organization of NRHA shows. In 1996 as show manager and being part of the board of NRHA-Belgium, there I became President and started to represent Belgium in the board of NRHA. Once I got involved in the NRHA board I got involved in creating the following programs (some people even say I led some of these programs) the NRHA European Championship, NRHA European Council, NRHA European Nomination Program, NRHA European Futurity, NRHA European Derby, and the NRHA European region animal welfare and medications policy. I also had the opportunity to be part of multiple committees and assist in the management of the NRHA US futurity. In the FEI Reining world I had the opportunity to be a steward in 3 WEG's and multiple other FEI events.
My function with NRHA for 6 years now has been the NRHA European Programs Adviser. Some events and decisions that happened the last few months surprised and worried me. But the main reason I starting thinking about my position in the NRHA structure was that, when NRHA was making an important decision regarding the future of Reining in Europe the NRHA board did not consult with their staff and the people they hire to advise them in this areas, what the effect and what consequences all of this changes could have for NRHA. So I can only come to the collusion for myself that NRHA doesn’t want and or need my knowledge and experience any more. I also believe that in the current circumstances I will not be able to do a good job for the future of Reining in Europe and I won’t do a job that I can’t find the motivation and give 100% effort or better.
If I add on top of this the fact that I’ve ignored the needs of my family several times so that I could be available for NRHA, I can only come to one conclusion it is time for me to go on early retirement from NRHA.
I want to thank all of the staff and other great people I worked with in all of the years that I was able to be a part of this great sport, and wish you all good luck in your future challenges in Reining and life.
Sincere greetings Nick Cornelissens




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