NRHA Derby Non Pro 1;st go:

Last run for the day is over and in the lead we have Gina Schumacher on 221 in L4 NP.
Intermediate NP Level 3 is Clemens Hefel score 219,5, Limited Non pro NP L2 is Carlo Ambrosini score 216,5 i a tie with Enrico Sciulli and in Limited NP L1 is Enrico Sciulli score 216,5
Luke Phillimore scored a 207,5 and ended up 35;th in L3, 30 in Level 2 40;th and did not make the consolation run unfortunatly.
Fiona Howley and her 2 horses ended up: with a ascore of 209 with Inita Gun and the led to a 33 place in L2 and a 23;th in L1 wich made her eligible to go to the consolation run.
Gun Chic Nic and Fiona scored a 205,5 an that gave them a 35;th place in L1 and a 50 in L2.
I do think Fiona is happy for doing this and it gave her another tick on her bucketlist :)  




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