Lite NRHA nytt inför 2017!

NRHA show sekreterare och show managers skall recertifieras vart annat år precis som domarna.
Lite nytt om added money: Open klassen i en cat 1 show måste a lika mycket eller mer added money än någon annan klass.
SHOW RULES AND REGULATIONS H. Ancillary Show Conditions (4)
Added Money: Ancillary shows must have a minimum of $500 in added money… (Chart remains unchanged)
7 (a) The following Category 1 classes may not be jackpotted: Open, Intermediate Open, Limited Open, and Non Pro; other classes may be approved as a jackpot.
(b) The Open class may not be jackpotted and must offer the equivalent or more added money than any other class in Category 1 at an event. a minimum of at least one (1) show.
Example: a two-day event with two (2) Open classes would be required to have equivalent or more added money in one (1) of the Open class.

Author’s Intent: To clarify the rules from the 2014 task force in regards to the NRHA World Title Program.
Show Rules & Regulations Q. Year-End Awards
(7) NRHA World Champions and Reserve World Champions and Top Ten (3rd-10th) placing horses must have earned money in at least seven (7) Top Ten NRHA approved shows that count toward Top Ten standings, in that respective class, to qualify for the title.

Tyvärr ingen mer coaching via headset :(
Author’s Intent: This would allow all riders to be on a level playing field and eliminate the extra coaching from those that are utilizing the headsets during a run.

B. Scoring (4) The following will result in no score: (m) use of Bluetooth headsets or electronic devices, excluding para reining. If approved, also add to pg. 153 No Scores, Section 3 (illegal equipment)

Ytterligare fokus på djurens väl och ve:
Author’s Intent: To further NRHA’s efforts to ensure the welfare of the horse a more specific definition is needed.
This list gives judges, stewards and exhibitors clear expectations of when a horse should not be shown and when a no score will be given.

10 NRHA Judges Guide NO SCORES Section 2. While the application...
The NRHA has determined that the exhibition of a horse that is obviously lame or is otherwise in an unhealthy condition must be considered abuse. Obvious lameness is a clearly evident gait deficit which is:
(a) Consistently observable at a trot jog under all circumstances and/or
(b) Obvious at a walk and/or
(c) Minimal weight bearing in motion and/or rest or a complete inability to move.

Sätt era mönster och skolar ni så rid korrekt mönster!
Author’s Intent: This would allow all judges to be able to call an exhibitor off pattern if they compete their circles incorrectly.
NRHA Judges Guide Penalty Score Zero Section 3. A penalty score 0 shall also be incurred if a horse fails to complete the pattern as written, performs the maneuvers in other than the specified order, and/or includes maneuvers not specified. Included as maneuvers in other than the specified order, is the situation wherein a horse runs circles out of order, or exceeds greater than one quarter of the circle out of order (i.e., when a small slow and large fast circles are required, and the horse runs a large fast and small slow and large fast set of circles, or when it requires a large fast, a lead change and a small slow and the horse runs a large fast, does a lead change and then continues over one quarter of the next circle in a large fast) and on run in patterns…..




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