2017 here we come, contracting judges, sending applications..

Ja man kan ju tycka att när det är november månad och sista tävlingen är klar att det skulle bli lite rast och ro...nähä då är det planering för nästa år...boka anläggningar, boka personal, boka domare och ansöka om tävlingar...när det är gjort skall showbills och proppar sammanställas och sen in med det hela i datorn så att vi är redo för det nya året.

One would tink that when the show year is over one could rest but  no no then the organisation for the next year start. Not that we haven´t done anything regarding 2017 before ...judges have been talked to and let know that I would like for them to judge a particular show or so. Now dates are set for most of the shows, judges have been properly asked about specific dates and some have already answeed and been booked.

We will have a brand new judge for the Winter Slide in February, Christophe Kayser and if we are lucky Adi Wagner will be back for March show with a show and then judges clinic on sunday.
Spring Show have meen moved due to the changed dates for the Euro Futurity so now we are back at Easter so 14-16 of April will the Allround, AQHA/APHA NRHA Spring Show being held. Maj-Britt and Rick Lemay will be judging and we are really happy about that.

Summer Sizzler will be judged by no other that Sylvia Katscher one of the most rounded and hired judges in Europe with all the big shows under her belt. We are waiting for an answer on the other Judge.

Halloween Show will be judged of another prominent judge Pierre Oullet, who has also judged all the major shows in Europe he is bot an excellent allround judge as well as same caliber reining judge.

Regarding the BR spring Show I am not sure who will judge but I guess we´ll find out soon.
 All applications are sent to the association in charge of the breed or sport, and the fun of doing schedules and invitation starts!




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