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EFRHA does not slow down
13/12/2016 - Who ever thought that the European Federation of Reining Horse Associations (EFRHA) was buried in the fridge, is wrong. Roberto Guoghi, president of both the EFRHA and the Italian Reining Horse Association (IRHA) has announced the following.

Following the temporary cancellation of NRHA Germany from the EFRHA Nomination Program (ENP), the stallion inscriptions for the 2017 breeding season must be made to the ENP, but will enjoy the same conditions and rights of the Breeder Incentive Program (BIP) of the International Reining Horse Breeder Association (IRBHA), meaning the all their foals will be eligible to enter the IRHA Futurity 2021. Foals of stallions not enrolled can still be nominated until December 31 of their birth year. The options to enter foals in the NRHA European Nomination Program remains unchanged.

Further: The EFRHA council is working on a new setup for ENP with the aim of:
● having all the European reining affiliates to join;
● creating a single breeding program, accessible to all, in order to finance national special events of the affiliates (with other words the IRHA Futurity), the European Futurity for 4-year-old horses and the European Derby.

At the end of the prayer Guoghi apologizes for this unexpected change and expects to be able to present the new ENP shortly.
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