Don´t miss out on your chance to enter:                               NRHA Green reiner and Ride & Slide classes 

A friendly reminder in regards to NRHA memberships!

NRHA Associate members a $25 will give you access to all Green reiner and Ride and slide classes you are eligible for.

-These clases allow to back and forth between one hand and to on the reins DURING your run.
-You can show in a snaffle OR a bit regardless of horses age.
-You do NOT need a membership for horseowner.
-You do NOT need a horse license
-Green reiner earnings are raised for 2017!
-You can borrow a horse and show
-You can at anytime during the year upgrade to a regular membership witout any extra cost.

You will find eligebility info at nrha website as well as your earnings up to 31 of Dec 2016 and eligebility will stay the same the whole year no matter what you win during 2017.
If you have questions emai: or use the form on website




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