Pressrelease: from NRHA Summit in Brussels 16-17

It is all good that the pressrelease came out just a couple of days after the actual meeting, BUT what do we get to know from the press release?

It sounds like a really good meeting, and one thing that actually is stated in the release is that the meeting voted "to not support any further work concerning EFRHA".

Other than that, it says who was present from NRHA, and countries represented at the meeting but not who is on the European council and how many of those where on site.
It does say that the structure of the EAC will change and a task force is set to figure out how....One wonder in what way and who is in the task force...?

Mike Hankock "I am certain that the outcome will further promote our sport in Europe"...I say in what way? what are the projects, that are worked on? 

It also says that from now on they will work on "uniting the European reining affiliates, better communication at all levels, growth and promotion of the sport with a focus on youth activities, and the restructuring of the NRHA European Affiliate Council according to the NRHA Governance structure.

This is all good but wonder who, how and when...?

A link to the actual press release Here!




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