FEI´s Reining Committe´are looking for 2 new members!

FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale ) is looking for two new proactive and knowlege persons to the reining committe. Pete Kyle (USA) and Pierre Ouellet (ITA) will end their time n the committe by this election that lasted 4 years. * The Reining Committee would prefer a strong Judge background.

Chairman Bob Thompson (CAN), Susy Baeck (BEL) until 2018, Sven Friesecke (SUI) to 2019.

 2017 FEI General Assembly.
Application files should be sent to the Nominations Committee Administrator by email (julie.schlaefli@fei.org). The deadline for receipt by the FEI is 1 May 2017 23:59 (CEST).
Please remember that all nominations must be accompanied by the following documents:
1)  Curriculum vitae form (click here to download the form)
2)  Letter of motivation from the candidate
As from 2017, in order to keep the FEI Governance standards high and following a recommendation from the Association of Summer Olympic International Federation (ASOIF) Governance Task Force, Candidates for a contested election by the General Assembly will have to sign a “Rule of Conduct” document.
In order to ensure gender equity and diversity among the members of the FEI Committees, the FEI Bureau strongly encourages the National Federations to nominate female candidates and representatives of developing nations. The FEI views with immense pride the fact that equestrian sport is one of very few where men and women compete as equals at all levels of international, as well as national, competition.
Please carefully read the Election procedure document available Link to information.




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