Devastating news: NRHA European Derby 2017...NRHA Germany says no to organize the event! 

NRHA Germany have sent out a press release today regarding their committment to organize the NRHA European Derby in 2017. Unfortunatly the release is in German but with the help of the translation program I got the general idea and it seems like the Germans still has no signed contract with NRHA about a multi year contract to this event.
For what reason we do not know, it could be that the demands from Germany was to hard to swallow for NRHA or it can just be a lack of commitment from NRHA. 

Never the less this is a huge blow to the European rening community as well as to the European Futurity & Derby program. 
The reason for stallion owners to pay into the program, breeders to pay in their foals, owners to put their hoses in training  for the NRHA European Futurity & Derby goes away and that is devastating to Europe in general.

If you want to read the release click here:




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