NRHA European Derby 2017: rumers say that Derby stays in Kreuth...

Today I found on the Wittelsbuerger web page and interviu with Italian Reining Horse President who says that NRHA is working on a solution to keep the Derby in Kreuth but with another management.
Unfortunatly the info is in German but with google translate it makes some sence :)
"An important signal for the European Reiningreiter has now been set by the Italian IRHA President Roberto Cuoghi: In an interview in Italy he said that the NRHA USA is currently working on a new management for the NRHA European Derby 2017, but the place and date Kreuth, July 23 - 30, 2017. An official statement from the NRHA USA will soon be issued.

The decision of the NRHA Germany at the beginning of last week, that the NRHA European Derby not want to carry out (more to this here), came for all concerned very surprisingly. It would have been clear after the meeting in Dallas that the NRHA USA would only assess the 2017 start-up event in Kreuth, even if the executive committee of NRHA Germany would rather have directly seen a five-year contract, says Cuoghi. The removal of the Derby to Italy is not at all in the interests of the IRHA, and there is also a clear agreement between the NRHA USA and the Kreuth site, whose termination is connected with "very high" contractual penalties.    
Roberto Cuoghi also points to the increasing influence of the Europeans, who are now represented in all the key bodies of the NRHA USA. One had to think more continually, without neglecting the small shows. As a result, the Italians are still ready to negotiate with regard to the joint ERAHA Futurity Program: "We have come a long way along with the Board of NRHA Germany," says Cuoghi, but it would be "bizarre" to change his mind. He recommends to the Management Board of NRHA Germany to discuss the issue of EFRHA together with its members.

Italy - Augsburg - Italy - France - Kreuth: A message from the NRHA USA would bring again the urgently needed rest in the most important European Reiner tournament, just for older horses. With the cancellation of the NRHA Germany not only was the performance of the NRHA European Derby again in the stars, there is no other tournament of this magnitude in the past years, with which even approximately so disrespectful procedure would have been.
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