Update regarding the NRHA European Derby 2017!

Jan Boogaerts just posted this in FB :
I got some more information on the European derby and NRHA Germany not organising it.

As stated before the NRHA can not give a multiple year contract for organising the NRHA owned aged events. This was all decided at the European summit in Januari in Brussels (with German, Italian and other European representatives present). First the appointed taskforce needs to work out a new board structure for Europe which will fit into the new NRHA Global Governance Structure by april 1st. On april 1st the EAC has to approve that proposal (hopefully), than a standing comittee for those events needs to be appointed, and they will decide who, when, what where, etc on those events from 2018 on.

That is the reason why NRHA Germany did not get a contract past 2017, and neither did IRHA for organising the futurity in Italy. Both associations get the chance to prove themselves in organising NRHA owned aged events in 2017, and the evaluation of said events will give the new comittee a great tool to see where to go from there from 2018 on.

So far the Italians are meeting the challenge, the Germans are chickening out and leave the NRHA with a possible fine of 50.000 € when the Euro Derby will not take place on the dates they booked in Kreuth.
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