press release: first deadline for $ 80,000-added AustrianRHA Futurity & NRHA Show

ARHA Futurity ARHA Futurity

Press Release                                                                                                                                                                            March 8, 2017
$ 80,000-added AustrianRHA Futurity & NRHA Show:
First Deadline is on July 1, 2017
Wiener Neustadt, Austria, August 23 – 26, 2017
The $ 80,000-added AustrianRHA Futurity & NRHA Show is scheduled for August 23 until 26 this year – as always at the facility of H&D Schulz Quarter Horses in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Riders and owners should remember the first deadline which is July 1, 2017. Horses can be entered after this date with an additional fee.
The 11th edition of the AustrianRHA Futurity is open to all 3- and 4-year-old horses. There are four Levewls in the 3-year-old Futurity Open and three in the Non Pro. All classes are NRHA approved. Besides the Futurity, there is an NRHA Ancillary Show, the Ancillary classes also are ARHA Circuit qualifiers.
The stallion service auction in favour of the AustrianRHA Futurity has already started well. Breedings to fine stallions are available for 50 per cent of the normal fee. All stallions are presented here:
For further information please contact:
Gerda Langer - ARHA Team, ARHA - Austrian Reining Horse Association, A - 2392 Sulz im Wienerwald, Raitlstraße 154, phone +43-2238-8484 cell phone +43-664-4534726, Fax +43-2238-8545,,,

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