Swedish rider at Horseacademy 3 nation show March 2017
Mooslargue 08.03.-12.03.2017

Alongside the top reiners as Rudi Kronsteiner, Morey Fisk, Cira Baeck, Gina Maria Schumacher, Grisha Ludwig has also Ander Josefsson from Sweden entered. This show would be considered a start up show for the season and it offers a full slate NRHA Cat 1 show as well as green reiner classes and youth. Open & Non pro classes with 700 euro added starting today and ends sunday.

Anders has brought three horses and that is: 
ARC Walla Dun Did It, back 99 Anders Josefsson ower Sven Nolen
Double Peek Boom BB, back 218 Anders Josefsson owner Annemanna AB
Dry Wimpys Kid, back 231 Anders Josefsson owner Annemanna AB

If you want to follow the show ...link to live scoring: www.showmanager.info/Eventliste.aspx?turnierID=583
Today it is warm up time all day and tomorrow will start with any horse any rider pattern 8.
And then the actual show starts friday morning with a novice horse class.
The classes Anders has entered does not show yet on website.
I do not believe there will be any live video.




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