NRHA European Futurity, Cremona Italy 27/3-1/4

The largest Futurity in Europe are now on it´s second day. 101 horse in the Open 1;st go and 62 in Level 4, 51 in level 3, 52 in level 2 and 17 in Level 1 these horses are divided into a few countries. 
Level 1 has 3 countries represented Italy, 2 Germans 1 from France where this changes already in Level 2 with more countries represented.

One can see quite a few Israeli horses wich we might not have seen if the Futurity was kept in Germany...who knows.  
I find as usual horse owned by UK owners where Fam Sternberg is always represented in all these big events with really good horses. Francesca had 2 horses in L2, L3 and L4 Back 236 Really A Spook/STEFANO FERRI scored 210 and Back 303 Western Super Mare/LORENZO DE SIMONE score 210. Then a new name pops up and that is Mikae Adams who owns back 246 SL RUFNIGHTINTOWN/GUY ZEMAH and the score after 1;st go round was a fantastic 213,5 and place 13 in level 2.
Roseanne Sternberg had of cause horses in L4 and ridden by Bernhard Fonck Back 213 SPOOKEBILITY who is the horse that scored 223.

When we look at Level 3 we can see that a Swedish horse owned by Annemanna AB did score very good in this go rideen by Morey Fisk. Back 254 GOTTA SHINEY WHIZ/MOREY FISK score 220 wich is a tied second place. 
In level 4 The Fonck family, Bernhard and Ann had a fabolous start with 4 horses in top 6, counting Belgium it was 5 horses in top 6. Gugliemo Fontana had the top score of 224,5 before Bernhard on 223.

Today the Non Pro 1;st go is going on and 48 horses in total with 13 in L1, 21 in level 2, 24 in level 3 and 36 inlevel 4. UK represented by Francesca Sternberg riding Back 244 SPOOKS GOTTA LENA draw 39. 

Judges for the prestigious event are: 

Today will continue with the consolation ound for the Open horses all levels. 42 horses to start and we will see Franceschas both horses as well as Michael Adams horse togheter with Rudi Kronsteiner, Gennaro Lendi, Giovanni Masi De Vargas.
Tomorrow is the consolation run for Non Pro and the day continues with a regular Limited and Intermediate Non Pro class, regular NRHA Open class on thursday and then a regular Lim and intermediate open class friday morgon tp continue into the Non Pro Finals, sat morning Regular Youth followed by Non Pro class and then sat afternoon/evening the big Open finals. 

If you want to follow the NRHA Futurity scores Click here
If you want to watch the show on live video click here
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