NRHA Euro Futurity, Cremona Italy

The Non Pro L4 champion from Italy: Back 198 RS GAUDI JAC/EDOARDO BERNARDELLI score 219. Reserve champion from Austria: Back 107 GUNNERS NITE SLIDER/ANNA LISEC score 217,5. 17 horses in the finals L4 and UK rider Francesca Sternberg riding Spooks Gotta Lena ended up on a tie 6;th place with score 215. Gina Schumacher who has done very well this had 2 horses in the final and her best lacing was a 8;th with Shesasunnywhiz BB, score 214 and also Claudio Risso who usually is a front runner did not have a good day with placing 11.

The Ancillary Non pro class on saturday was won by Italy and  back 242 ZINS SMART WHIZ/MANUEL BONZANO horse owed by 23 QH AZIENDA AGRICOLA SS, score 220.
Reserve Champion also Italy: Back 231 SNIPS GOTTA BUD/ENRICO SCIULLI score 217,5. Francesca Sterberg UK also had a horse in this class and scored 211 with Ten Reasons and ended up placing 10;th.

Soo to the Open class held saturday night...
Where the Foncks where battling it out and this time Ann Fonck took the lead and with a score of 231 avrige 77!!  She was riding Kimberly Wegeners horse Shiners Voodoo and left husband Bernhard far beind with reserve champion title on a score of 228,5 onboard: MISSEDOUTTINSELTOWN/BERNARD FONCK owned by GOLDEN PAINT RANCH. Class of 25 horses where the Swedish owned horse GOTTA SHINEY WHIZ ridden by MOREY FISK scored a fantastic 222 and that gave a 9;th place tied with Ann Fonck and ND Sparkling Electra. Spokebility owned by Roseanne Sternberg and ridden by Bernhard Fonck scored 222,5 and that gave a 6;th place tied with Morey Fisk and Grischa Ludwig. Ann Fonck had 3 horses in the L4 final and Bernhard Fonch the same.

L3 Open showing Morey Fisk and Gotta Shiney Whiz placed 3;rd Horse owned by Annemanna AB, Sweden.
UK owned SL RUFNIGHTINTOWN/GUY ZEMAH owned by MICHAEL ADAMS did not make the finals in L4 but in L3 and they scored 212 which gave them a 15;th place out of 19 in L3..not to forget out of all those that tried to qualify to the finals! They also got a 12;th plce in level 2.
All results can be found here.




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