AQHA Youth & Amateur Cup France, 2:nd & Final day!

After a litte reserach we have found out the the Danish Youth team ended up 2;n of 8 tems COGRATULATIONS!
Winners where ?.
The Swedish youth team ended up with a 5;th place, GOD JOB!

Amateur teams where 6 and the Danish team took a 4;th place and the UK amateurs took a 5;th place Yeayyy Congrats to all of you !
Winner where?
I think all teams had a wonderful and educational experience of the show/Cup and hopefully there will be more teams next time.

Today it will be decided who is the top country Youth & Amateur. Todays classes are as follows.
Where Team Germany is in the lead in both Youth & Amateur competition. Unfortunatly it seems like the ranking is forgotten on the results update :(
I can also see a former Swedish/Norweigan horse on the results and that is TQR  Majestic Playboy now riden by a French girl.

Trail Amateur, 20 entries (Denmark 5, UK 3):
Denmark: Rikke Weis 10;th, Mie Kuhnell Unoe 15;th
Lotte Holmkvist (individ) 5;th, Anne Sörensen (Individ) 13;th
UK: Gill Parker 3;rd, Evelyn Dash 6;th, Jane Wallace 15;th
Winner: Laura Christini, Italy

Western Horsemanship Youth 28 entries (Sweden 3, Denmark 3:
Sweden: Emma Strandberg 10;th, Benjamn Pettersson 19;th, Anna Olsson 23;rd, 
Denmark: Michaela Navrsted 1;st, Emilie Bendix Christensen 5;th, Jacob Hofman 17;th
Winner: Michaela Navrsted Denmark

Western Pleasure Youth 25 entries (Sweden 2, Denmark 3:
Sweden: Annie Johansson 13;th, Emma Strandberg 13;th, 
Denmark: Michaela Navrsted 1;st, Jacob Hofman 2;nd, Emilie Bendix Christensen 10;th, 
Winner: Michaela Navrsted Denmark

Western Riding Amateur 12 entries (Denmark 2, UK) 2:
Denmark: Rikke Weis 4;th, Mie Kuhnel Unoe 11;th
UK: Evelyn Dash 5;th, Gill Parker DQ
Winner: Alexandra Silverstri Italy

Ranch Riding Youth entries (Sweden 3, Denmark 3)
Sweden: Selina Nilimaa Pettersson 9;th, Annie Johansson 14;th, Anna Olsson 21;Th
Denmark: Emilie Bendix Christensen 5;th, Michaela Navrsted 15;th, Alberte Mathisen 17;th
Winner: Alessandro Vicari Italy

Reining Amateur 12 entries (Denmark 1, UK 4)
Denmark: Mie Kuhnell Unoe, Rikke Weis scratch
UK: Debbie Langford 3;rd, Jerry Naish 9;th , 
Alison Bucknell (Individ) 2;nd, Sally House (Individ) 11;th, 
Winner: Stefanie Schäfule Switzerland

Hunter under Saddle Amateur 17 entries (Denmark 4, UK 2)
Denmark: John Sommersoe 2;nd, Astrid Celine Gunlev 3;rd, Rikke Von Bulow 13;th, 
Lotte Holmkvist (Individ) 7;th
Uk: Evelyn Dash 9;th, Jerry Naish 12;th, Jane Wallace 14;th, 
Winner: Tina Klein Ferreira Marques Germany

Hunt Seat Equitation 18 entries (Denmark, UK)
Denmark: Rikke Weis 9;th, Rikke Von Bulow 10;th , Astrid Celine Gunlev 17;th
Lotte Holmkvist (Individ) 15;th
UK: Evelyn Dash 5;th, Jane Wallace 8;th,  Jerry Naish 13;th
Winner: Tina Klein Ferreira Marques Germany




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