Sherwood Easter Show dayfee! You only pay for 4 classes in the same division...

I am sorry it has not been cleared in the invitation but we do have a day fee for all divisions as we have been also last year.
The result of this day fee is that you only pay for a max of 4 classes in the same division.
For example if your choice is aqha amateur L1 classes then you only pay for 4 classes and all classes in L1 amateur is of no charge!

It is the same for Oak open, L1 Open, Amateur and so on :)
But if you choose to for example to enter Oak open and AQHA or APHA open then it is 4 classer för Oak Open and then 4 classes for AQHA or APHA open. It does not cross over...

I believe the Garden of England has the same offer at their shows.




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