Old NRHA news: NRHA Trophy Changes Embrace Quality

This was announced back in November of 2017:
Eight years ago, the Board of Directors voted to change the NRHA Lawson, Morrison, and Morgan (formerly known as Pewter) trophy makeup to a resin material rather than the traditional metal alloy design. The change was made in an effort to lower costs for shows, as trophy prices had increased over 50% in 10 years.
Since the change, many questions have arisen about the trophies. While cost was improved with the resin material, durability in shipping was not ideal—diminishing the perceived value of the coveted awards. As a result, the NRHA Executive Committee has unanimously voted to change all NRHA trophies back to their original makeup of metal alloy after teaming up with Montana Silversmiths to offer these higher quality trophies at a better price margin than in 2010.
Trophy costs will follow the scale below for U.S. orders. International shipping costs will vary.
Trophy TypeTrophy CostShipping CostTotal Cost
Lawson            $385          $65                  $450
Morrison        $300          $20                 $320
Morgan            $195          $15                  $210
NRHA will also sell the remaining resin stock at a first come, first served basis. Resins will not be restocked once the remaining trophies are sold.
NRHA understands the critical need to balance cost, efficiency, and quality within every aspect of the organization. Changing the trophies back to their original, metal alloy makeup achieves this balance while restoring a mantle-worthy award back to its original glory. 




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