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With spring in the air and longer days just around the corner, it's time to get back in the saddle and start logging even more Horseback Riding hours. It's also a great time to brush up on your horsemanship skills. 

Over the next few months, join Weaver Leather endorsee Richard Winters as he guides you and your horse on a journey from the ground up. His “Tactics for Transformation” video series will start with a refresh of basic horsemanship skills and progress to saddle exercises for teaching your horse to side pass, leg yield, develop a stop and more; all while learning a more advanced approach on teaching collection.  

First up: Richard provides some great insight and instruction for properly preparing you and your horse to ensure every bridling is a positive experience. Watch and create your own checklist to make sure you are correctly placing your hands, adjustments, the bridle/bit and body for a safe and successful experience.

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This video series is brought to you by Weaver Leather.




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