AQHA UK Championships 13-16/9, Clarification regarding Stables!

Statements are going out as we speak and ALL of you are getting outdoor stables for now!
I will be getting a list of sponsors and others eligible for indoor stables....I do not have it yet!

Those of you that are sponsors or have an agreement with AQHA  UK and who are supposed to be indoors will get a new statement as soon as I know who you are!

AND I can see already that most of you are not sending required paperwork!!!
I kindly ask you to actually make an effort and take a photo with your cellphone or scan paperwork and send to me before the show. THANK you!

We need your CURRENT AQHA UK membershipcard, AQHA and or NRHA/BR, spare me to download expired card please!
Horse papers as AQHA Certificate of Registration and/or NRHA/BR competition license!
If your statement is clear then we are ok for now...but if not...please do it asap. 




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