Errors on Entries AQHA UK Championships!

Hi, I have now managed to get the error report down from 11 pages to 9 by manually look up those of you that has not sent required paperwork to us.
This is very time consuming and actually not our is provide the document needed to show.
Yes I am sounding a bit harsh and some of you might not know this and some of you cannot send paperwork for legitime rasons ..but this many, no. If you showed for us in the same classes you have entered here earlier this year we do have all info but for all otheres we NEED your papers.

!Actually what we miss most is your AQHA UK info...We do not have your AQHA UK memberships and/or your horses AQHA UK registration number and/or your horses Futurity registration.

We offer the options to scan and send pdf files..please not jpeg files because the are really hard to read.
Or you can take photo with your phone..(make sure it is readable) and send to.... please and THANK you <3




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