IMPORTANT NEWS Sherwood Halloween SHOW!!!

All of you (Reiners aswell as Allrounders) NEED to check the updated shedule ASAP!

Trail classes have been moved as well as reiningclasses, some of them have changed day to be held so Please check out the new schedule!
We are really sorry about this and I know that many of you already have entered and maybe have to do some changes to make the show work for you and your horse.

But on the good side..the patterns are published, you will find reiningpatterns as well as Ranch Riding, W Riding and VRH pattern numbers in the schedule.
Horsemanship and the amended walk & jog patterns for Ranch will be found in the pdf files under headline patterns :) 

Trail patterns to follow shortly as well as your statements will be sent these next couple of days! I am very sorry about the delays :(

Please just send me and email at and tell me what you need to have changed.




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