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Hi there...we are getting closer towards the Easter Show and stable list are getting longer and longer...we are down to 15 open stables at this time. We are worried that we will run out of stables and therefore want to start chasing stables for hire and it would help us and you if you could do your entry asap. 

Otherwise we cannot guarantee that we can provide stables for all of you needing one. 
Entryform is online and easy to manage, just add one class and check your stable booking and send. Click here to go to Entryform
Se You soon, We Wish you alla a very warm Welcome :)

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Sherwood Easter/Spring show 4-7 of April and in Sweden SWS Challenge 6-9 of June. Book the dates!!
Pst. Our calendar will be updated with shows/clinics and other events as we get the dates to us :) 

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Temperatures between 15 and 60 degrees F are considered energy neutral for horses. This means that within that temperature range, horses don’t require extra energy or calories to stay warm or cool.  Read more here

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For L1 Amateur competitors the Amateur Halter is included in the day fee of 4 classes.
For L1 Open the Open halter is included, to give you a halter opportunity for free.
For L1 Youth and regular Youth the Open halter is included in the dayfee!
We hope to have a lot of more wonderful halter entries.

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I am sorry it has not been cleared in the invitation but we do have a day fee for all divisions as we have been also last year.
The result of this day fee is that you only pay for a max of 4 classes in the same division.
For example if your choice is aqha amateur L1 classes then you only pay for 4 classes and all classes in L1 amateur is of no charge!

It is the same for Oak open, L1 Open, Amateur and so on :)
But if you choose to for example to enter Oak open and AQHA or APHA open then it is 4 classer för Oak Open and then 4 classes for AQHA or APHA open. It does not cross over...

I believe the Garden of England has the same offer at their shows.

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Some minor changes have been done to the schedule and invitation. 
Class 171 and 172 have switch places so the UKPHA class will run before the AQHA class. 
And the invitation now explains and show all the fantastic highpoint awards to be handed out on sunday.
Sherwood show will hand out not less than 11 beautiful bronze horses on a wooden plinth and the UKPHA will award two plaques, one to amateur and one to open high point.

More info will come in regards to which classes has plaques and other awards.
Please take a look at the system and what classes to choose to get your own fantastic Bronze horse, last day of the show.

Click here to come to easter showpage.

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Do you want to read about draw reins, pivo leg training or maybe need inspiration too practice showmanship for start of show season...we have it all...40 patterns for you pleasure :)
Click here to come to page for all articles 

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Get an inside look at how ranch riding, reining and working cow horse are judged during an AQHA Educational Judges Webinar March 19-20.

The American Quarter Horse Association is excited to host its second online judges webinar, March 19-20. The first webinar of 2018 will feature reining, ranch riding and working cow horse, with presenters Mike McEntire, chairman of the National Reining Horse Association judges committee, and National Reined Cow Horse Association Director of Judges Bill Enk. 

“This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about AQHA’s judging procedures and what judges are looking for in these popular classes,” said Patti Carter, AQHA senior director of judges. “We’re pleased to offer this seminar to judge applicants and others who are interested in what it takes to be an AQHA judge or a better competitor.” 

The webinar will again utilize an online educational application for the course work, which includes videos, reference materials and tests. Once attendees have registered, they can log in at aqha.blackboard.com. 

The webinar cost is $250, which gives access to the content from the webinar for an entire year. Those who already purchased the course held in 2017 will have access to this educational content at no additional cost. The webinar starts at 9 a.m. Central each of the two days. 

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Scoresheets will be scanned and published tomorrow :)
BR Results are reported and NRHA results will go to them tomorrow.
All Transfers of licenses and certififactes will also go overseas tomorrow.
Thank you all for a small but fab show, se you in a month...don´t forget to enter ..Spring Slide in March.

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Click here to get to results or chose shows, results 2018 and then chose the show.

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For your information: We have now added 1 more hour of Paid Warm up saturday morning, due to requests.

If you already have done an entry and like to add a paid warm up, just send me an email swshows@live.se

For those not yet entered you have to fill out a entryform: www.swshows.se/…/shows-…/sherwood-winter-slide-2018-29611458

This gives you an open arena until 7.00 saturday morning and 11.30-12.30.
Show starts at 13.00. 

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