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Show start 8.30 schedule on website and first 2 classes draw also published.

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Goodmorning, now you can find results for this mornings classes on the results page and then under BR Championships.
Click here to go direct to that page.

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Please check the amended Paid warm up schedule, 2 slots avalible and also amended stable plan.
Click here to find info.

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This is the current BR standings, click below to download PDF file.

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A lot of entries done already BUT we can absolutely see a few more at this highlight show of the BR Year the jewel in the crown for British Reining members.
Two sets of classes held over 2 day...yes it is intensiv BUT so much fun!
Championship classes and open classes

Lots of Trophies, Unique Plaques and other good stuff to go around ...there is enough for everyone.
We would love for you to come...do your entry online ...easy takes not more than 3 minutes and then you can goon doing your shores as usual.

We do have classes for every age of competitor, every age of horse and not least every level aswell...come on do it!

Link to entrypage Click here.

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Scoresheets for all classes are being published right now...but it will take some time before all of them are scanned and published...so be patient with me.
Link to results with scoresheets.

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Thank you all for having us and now you can find all the results under results 2018 and then AQHA Championship show.
Scoresheets will be out monday evening when I am home again.
Almost 100 horses and 540 runs over the show. Great achievements from both riders and horses invarious classes. The halter was huge with almost 20 horses in some of the classes Geldings being the largest
Show team has worked close together and made this show a memorable one!

See you again soon/Monica and Catharina

Show results: click here

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Nu kan du anmäla till Halloween Show 2-4 November På hälldala Ranch.
NRCHA, ERCHA, NRHA, SRHA samt Allbreed klasser samt Timed events Pole Bending, Barrel Race, Stake Race, Ranch Sorting, Team penning och Cattle Penning dubbla herd work dagar:) 
OBS! Ny koleverantör!
Nytt show management! 

Western Horsemen sponsrar med en sadel.. information kommer.
Hjärtligt Välkomna
Klicka här för att komma till anmälan och information.

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You can now find all stable plans on the show page. Click here to go there
There are still stable avalible for day bookings so help us meet the goal of 90 horses...we are 88 as of today :) 

Paid warm up startingtimes amended!!!
Paid warm up Reining will start 10.30!
Paid warm up Trail will start 14.30!!
Below is the list of order for the warm up section.

Show will start 18.00 thursday evening!

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Hi, I have now managed to get the error report down from 11 pages to 9 by manually look up those of you that has not sent required paperwork to us.
This is very time consuming and actually not our job...it is yours..to provide the document needed to show.
Yes I am sounding a bit harsh and some of you might not know this and some of you cannot send paperwork for legitime rasons ..but this many, no. If you showed for us in the same classes you have entered here earlier this year we do have all info but for all otheres we NEED your papers.

!Actually what we miss most is your AQHA UK info...We do not have your AQHA UK memberships and/or your horses AQHA UK registration number and/or your horses Futurity registration.

We offer the options to scan and send pdf files..please not jpeg files because the are really hard to read.
Or you can take photo with your phone..(make sure it is readable) and send to....

swshows@live.se please and THANK you <3

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I am very happy to say that almost 100% of the entries are done online with no problem, we really appreciate you doing this <3 It makes our life so much easier when it comes to reading the entries and and also being able to back track if nesessary.

Do you want to show at this show OR maybe want to do your entry for our next show the BR Championship show 2018 28-30/9...Click on the links below

AQHA UK Championships Click HERE
BR Championships Clicke HERE

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AQHA Championship show 2018 looking good...hopefully it will be closer to 80 horses at least if not more when the day comes :) 
We are missing a few entries that we know will show and also a few where we believe will show :)
Stable plan will be published later as well as paid warm up order.
 Have a good evening and take care.
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Oakridge Arena, England
Oakridge Arena, England