The Equi-Trek AQHA UK Championships 13/9-15/9-19

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you do not recieve a copy of your entry in your email (it can sometimes end up in trashfolder) your entry most likely has NOT gone thru!!

Email me at swshows@live.se if you are not recieving a copy in an hour after sending it to me.
Make sure to check ALL boxes with a red star and also the "I am not a robot" box at the bottom of the screen. Thank you !

  • Please write your full name as on your membership card (no nickname please).
    If you are multiple riders on a horse: Please fill out a entryform for each rider.
    Only 1 fee/horse will be entered even if you have to fill out a fee for each entry!

  • Check the box in front of the class you want to enter and when you checked all your classes scroll down to the very bottom and press "send entryform".

    You will then recieve a confirmation mail to your mailbox.

  • To be eligible to be in the ranking for UK bred horse, you have to check this box!
    Required to provide proof (AQHA certificate of registration).
  • To be eligible for Best Part Bred Horse please write "yes" in box. And you have to provide proof of breed (passport).
  • We will try to accomodate you as much as possible. But first come first serve for slots.
  • We will try to accomodate you as much as possible, but first come first serve. If you want to share slots please use button above entryform for messages :)
  • If you enter both AQHA and BR or NRHA classes pay both amount.
  • One bale of shaving included in prize/stable.
  • Please state who you want to be stabled with and we will accomodate if we can :))
  • If your trip are over 440 miles roundtrip you will recieve a £25 credit on your showbill.
  • Please make sure to spell address correct..if you do not get a copy of entry to your mailbox you have spelled it wrong...do it again:
  • When paying by Bank transfer please use Show, your surname and horsename as reference please.
  • Please use pdf format or photo from camera. Please combine files if possible.
    Please make sure to either send or bring copies of Current memberships of BOTH AQHA UK and AQHA USA as well as AQHA Certficate of Registration on your horse.
    And we also need proof of Futurity/Maturity enrollment! (AQHA entries only!)
    NRHA/BR entries need to show Hose license and current membership in association showing in!
    (max 50 MB)
  • Please use pdf format or photo from camera. Please combine files if possible.
    (max 50 MB)
  • Please use pdf format or photo from camera.
    (max 50 MB)
  • Note!!
    All headlines marked with a small red star are mandadatory!

    So if you are having trouble sending your entryform, Check that ALL boxes or spaces marked with the red star are filled out!
    And also check the box "I am not a robot", you might have to do a check where you mark all squares with a specific item. (also proof of not being a robot)

Invitation & Showbill


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Stable Plan

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How to pay:

Checks send to: AQHA UK Oakridge Arena, Swinderby Road Collingham Newark, Nottinghamshire NG237NZ UK.

Payable to AQHA UK.

Bacs to
: Barclays Bank Plc, 20 High Street, Market Harborough, Leics
AQHA UK Account No 00566209
Sort Code 20-49-08.