Owning a horse isn’t as easy as it looks, but it is worth the work. Journal photo
You can’t show if your horse isn’t healthy, so make sure you’re keeping him in top shape. Journal photo

En liten rubrik.

AQHA Equine Color Specialist Lisa Covey answers questions every Friday on Facebook about the coloring of foals and Quarter Horse genetics.
Practice makes perfect, so holding a practice horse show is a great way to improve your show skills. Journal photo
Competing in boxing is the perfect way to ease into cattle classes. Journal photo
Sharon Camarillo of Lockeford, California, is a four-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier, as well as a national intercollegiate rodeo champion.
There are many expenses that can accumulate when showing horses. Journal photo
A calm horse is the key to a joyful, relaxing ride. Journal photo
A horse must be advanced in his training and have the body development to be able to truly extend and not lose his balance. Journal photo
Circles naturally strengthen a horse’s ability to maintain an uphill balance with his weight behind. Journal photo
Even if you’re just taping conformation shots of your horse, it’s still best to put the camcorder on a tripod. Journal photo
Great turnback people are like good cutting horses – both need keen intuitive powers when responding to situations and cattle. Journal photo
Regularly soap your saddle so it remains in great condition even after years of use. Journal photo
Your horse should find comfort in flexion, not discomfort. Journal photo
Kenda Pipkin says the best way to become a stronger rider is, of course, to ride more. Journal photo
Horses instinctively know when they need extra calories to increase body temperature and maintain weight. Journal photo
Look beyond the jump you are approaching. Journal photo
Lead changes have nothing to do with changing direction. Journal photo
Make sure your horses are taken care of before the cold weather hits. AQHA photo.
In schooling for a pattern, we tend to focus on the slower maneuvers for a number of reasons, but one is because trail is a game of mathematics. Journal photo
Knowing the signs and being able to recognize when your horse has a hematoma is crucial. Journal photo
Horses are not always completely honest when you drop your hand to show in the show pen, and that’s just normal. Jean Abernethy illustration.
A pivot is a common maneuver in horsemanship, so practice is essential for a executing a successful pattern. Journal photo
Draw reins are used to help train your horse to gain collection. Journal photo
This western, split rein hold with a leverage bit is just one variation of many rein holds for different disciples and bridles. Journal photo

Halter train your foal
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