Boxing With Your Horse

Competing in boxing is the perfect way to ease into cattle classes. Journal photo Competing in boxing is the perfect way to ease into cattle classes. Journal photo

March 27, 2018
Boxing With Your Horse
Boxing classes can be a horse-training stepping stone into working cow horse and reined cow horse competition.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal
Have you always wanted to do working cow horse or reined cow horse but you aren’t quite confident enough to turn a cow down a fence or you’re just not comfortable with all aspects of the class?

Then the boxing class might be just what you’re looking for.

“The boxing class is designed to be an introductory class to the fence work,” says trainer Jake Telford of Caldwell, Idaho. “It’s a good way to get started into the reined cow horse.”
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To box properly, you must know your horse and learn to read cattle or be able to listen to your coach. People who don’t have a lot of experience with cattle should get someone to help them and tell them when to step up to the cow.

Jake says a good boxing run starts with a person who reads his cow well.

“If that cow comes out and is really coming at you, you’ve got to stay away from it a little bit and control the situation,” he advises.
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Proper Position
The correct position is having your horse’s nose somewhere between the head, neck and shoulder of the cow as it goes across the end of the arena, Jake says.
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