Horse Ownership FAQ

Owning a horse isn’t as easy as it looks, but it is worth the work. Journal photo Owning a horse isn’t as easy as it looks, but it is worth the work. Journal photo

April 2, 2018
Horse Ownership FAQ
How much time does owning a horse really take?

By Gerrie Barnes

Does having a job, family or other time commitments mean that you can’t enjoy horses? Absolutely not! It means that you need to decide how much time on a regular basis you have available for an equine friend. You have several options that might meet your needs and the needs of your horse.

Full-Time/On-Site Ownership 

This means keeping the horse on your own property and being responsible for his needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You’re starting to become aware of the time it takes to own a horse. Are you aware of the costs involved with owning a horse? If you’re thinking about getting a horse, you need to download AQHA’s Buying and Owning Your First Horse e-book.
Boarding Ownership

Boarding can be a permanent arrangement and can accommodate horse owners with limited access to land, busy schedules and/or out-of-town commitments. Although boarding facilities and arrangements differ, a professional boarding facility can generally take care of many of your maintenance duties.
It can sometimes be difficult to find just the right horse for you. AQHA’s Buying and Owning Your First Horse e-book gives you inside information on what to look for in a new equine partner, whether it is for you or the special children in your life. You can find a great match with our help!

Leasing means that someone else owns the horse. They are renting a share of the horse to you at an agreed-upon monthly rate. There are many types of leasing agreements. Some horses are leased to only one person, and some horses have two lessees.
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