Showing On A Budget

There are many expenses that can accumulate when showing horses. Journal photo There are many expenses that can accumulate when showing horses. Journal photo

March 7, 2018
Horse Showing on a Budget: Amateurs and Pros Share Tips
Keep your horse-showing costs from breaking the bank.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

The Shows

When a trainer takes a group of youths or amateurs to a big show, very little time is spent in the hotel room, so bunking together is a painless way to save money, says AQHA Professional Horsewoman Nancy Cahill. “We’re very communal.”

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Exhibitor Liz Carpenter of Nashville, Tennessee, says, ”Get the most bang for your showing buck by choosing shows with big classes. If you can get six or seven AQHA points by winning a class, instead of a half-point, it’s much more worthwhile."

And many of Liz’s shows are compressed into a short timeframe. “Then you have three or four months of paychecks that aren’t dissipating.”
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The Clothes

Heather Leigh Keller, who was the All-Around Amateur at the 2001 AQHA World Championship Show, bands and braids manes at shows to earn a little extra cash. She socks her earnings away in a “horse fund” she uses to buy show clothes or make other show-related purchases.
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