Mane and Tail Maintenance

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December 18, 2017
Mane and Tail Maintenance

Keeping your horse's mane and tail clean goes a long way, whether you're horseback riding or competing.
The best trick for keeping a horse from rubbing out his hair is to keep it clean. Journal photo
From The American Quarter Horse Journal

It is so frustrating when you walk out to the barn and find your horse with a chunk of his mane or tail gone.

Though there is no miracle cure for the problem, there are ways to prevent your horse from rubbing out his mane and tail in the future.

The biggest thing in keeping a horse from rubbing out his hair is to keep it clean.

Fungus and insects are the main reason horses rub their manes, so keeping them free of these bugs will make them less likely to rub and tear out the hair.
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When it comes to training a horse’s mane to lie down or waiting for parts to grow out, you have to be careful with braiding the mane. If you braid it too tight, it could irritate the skin, and the horse will itch and have a tendency to rub out the braids after a week or so. To avoid this, use heavy petroleum jelly rather than braiding to train manes. Also, after you have banded a mane, it is important to take out the bands when you are done, so the horse doesn’t try to rub out the bands.
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If you use hoods, make sure they are lined with satin to keep the hood from rubbing the mane. Avoid sharing hoods between horses because this can pass fungus and insects from horse to horse. It’s also a good idea to have separate combs and brushes for each horse to keep from spreading skin problems and to wash the combs and brushes regularly.

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