Horseback-Riding Challenges: The Nervous Horse

A calm horse is the key to a joyful, relaxing ride. Journal photo A calm horse is the key to a joyful, relaxing ride. Journal photo

March 20, 2018
Horseback-Riding Challenges: The Nervous Horse
In this excerpt from his book, author Tom Moates describes his horse’s tendency for a major meltdown and how he coaxes the gelding back to sanity.

“Jubal” (Tigers TJ), bless his heart, along with his good qualities has some very deeply engrained worries. But in a setting where the big sorrel Quarter Horse gelding can readily keep his mind and body in the same place at the same time - centered right there with me - he is the horse everybody wants.
At those moments, he is incredibly handsome, brave, compassionate, a conformational dream, noble, slow to spook, fairly happy to go with the flow of what a person presents, simply saddled, easily ridden and a big ol’ teddy bear of a horse.

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The strong magnetic attraction people experience for Jubal is just one of the many wonders that indeed make him the Wonder Horse. Another of his wonders is how that list of great attributes goes right out the window in the blink of an eye when his mind leaves his body and he becomes a worried wreck.

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The “safe places” that allow Jubal’s mind and feet to find themselves in the same spot at the same time (and thus provide for him to be relaxed and responsive), I thought, were anywhere that Jubal is with his bestest buddy, “Festus” (Cody Is A Bar Fly). But recently I discovered this is not always the case.
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