Look beyond the jump you are approaching. Journal photo
Make sure your horses are taken care of before the cold weather hits. AQHA photo.
In schooling for a pattern, we tend to focus on the slower maneuvers for a number of reasons, but one is because trail is a game of mathematics. Journal photo
Knowing the signs and being able to recognize when your horse has a hematoma is crucial. Journal photo
Horses are not always completely honest when you drop your hand to show in the show pen, and that’s just normal. Jean Abernethy illustration.
A pivot is a common maneuver in horsemanship, so practice is essential for a executing a successful pattern. Journal photo
Draw reins are used to help train your horse to gain collection. Journal photo
This western, split rein hold with a leverage bit is just one variation of many rein holds for different disciples and bridles. Journal photo

Halter train your foal
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