Entry form BR Spring Show 5-7 May
Please note!
Paid warm up sat morning, fully booked.

  • Please write the correct name as in certificate of registration, Competition license or passport.
  • Please take a look at page for booked backnumber for 2017 IF you do not have a backnumber for the shows run by me/Monica
  • Please write name as on US membership car please and no nickname. If you are two or more exhibitors fill out one form for each exhibitor.
  • Check box to enter classes.
    If you change your mind and want to add, swith or scratch classes at the show you can do so. Please be aware of closing time for each class at show. When the draw is done in NRHA/BR classes no refund for scratches. Questions? On the right side of entrypage see "Click for add scratch, classes" write what you want and send.

  • Testing Levy (except GAG L1)
  • Stabling to be booked and paid for by 25th of April
  • 1 bale of shaving with each stable included in stabeling cost.
  • Please be careful when you write your email address. Good to kow that if you do not get a email to the address you spelled it wrong. Use the add/scratch message button to your right on the entry page.
  • Please state the class or classes you wish to sponsor, Thank you
  • We appreciate if you can pay by Bank or Paypal. But we accept checks of cause :)
  • WE prefer that you pay over Bank or Paypal if possible, Thank you.
  • Preferebly pdf files.
    If not possible please take a close photo of paperwork and send.
    Gather all membershipcard in one file please.
    Thank you.
    (max 10 MB)
  • (max 10 MB)
  • (max 10 MB)

Timeshedule sunday


Paid warm up draw

Entries/class 2 of may

Stable plan